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What Is It?

Eun1 fx strategy is a Trend trading strategy with a record of 100% accuracy.It is available for monthly subscricptions.

it can be used to trade indices including the famous v75 alongside bppms and crushes ,also currencies even gold and crypto currency.

it runs under a custom made system for every client due to encryption purpose there fore all orders are executed in a first come first served manner .

it wors by displaying 

Markets & Pairs

Well our system wors on all markets and pairs but for platoform we currently support meta trader 5 .however exception designs can be made as per request

who is it for ?

anyone who want to make money trading forex is welcome to use our system be it a newbie or expert .eun1 lessens the burden !

how long do i need to master it ?

well we have a masterclass session for 1 wee you go through after purchases to enable you to learn and master our strategy which means – 5 years of learning to trade !

How does it work ?

well we have 2 main parts 

1.main chart where it plots 2 diamonds without repaint.

red diamond is a sell signal 

blue signal is a buy signal


eun trading index is an oscillator we made as part of the system with sentimental idea in int interpretation

How do i Subscribe ?

you can press the subscribe button on top there and choose your package ,mae payment and use the whatsapp button to inbox us /or contact us on our call lines ,so that we activate your account

Start your journey !

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step !

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